As promised, here is your first writing sprint prompt -

If your name (username or rl name) begins with a letter A-L your prompt is:

Hypnotic State

If your name begins with a letter M-Z your prompt is:

Vision Quest

Tell us what you character sees and experiences. How do they feel about it, before? During? After? What memories or demons float to the surface? Why or how do they find themselves in this situation?

Before you go, let me explain the exercise.

This game is open to the whole community, not just those who signed up to write for May's theme. For those who are working on their month-long story, the sprints are meant to help you explore your characters, settings, plot, and other components. The content of your resulting sprint DOES NOT need to be included in your final story. It is an exercise for you, not a requirement.

If you want to share what you wrote in the sprint, paste a link in the comments below. This is also not required.

If you write something today and want to share it with us we'll read it, and share some #commentlove as the reader sees fit. There is no voting for this exercise.

Typically a sprint would be timed, but since we are scattered across time zones and have work and families to attend to the only limitation I will give you is this - the time to share your sprint results with us will end Sunday night at midnight (wherever you are).

There will be another sprint tomorrow.

#gospark your muse
Happy writing.


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