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([personal profile] bardiphouka May. 9th, 2017 06:20 am)
Still getting used to Dreamwidth. In part because I have been out of community based social media (sic;live journal) for some time. April for apad is about it. The truth is that I have not heard anything from Brigitsflame for some time. I have mostly been using the_quills which was a community I started on LJ and moved here. Are people interested in another writing group? I am agreeable to using either community or starting a new one. Comments?
Is this of use? Anyone here? Allo? Has Live Journal's ToS finally spelled a demise? Especially the part where not all of the ToS is even posted in English?
 Have you ever read a book that left you with a need for a little hair of the dog? Join today's discussion of the emotional toll of a good book.
 Did you miss Monday? Click here to join the discussion of poetry vs. lyrics.
 Rub the long, dark sleep from your eyes and come check out the month-long prompt for September: Waking Up in Space!
To sign up for the September contest, a month long foray into the void, simply leave a comment or venture to the Word Press launch to submit your intent!

Submission closes 8/29 at 2359EDT.

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