April is already shaping up to be an intense month. Here's what you have to consider:

The first topic of April is up, and we invite you to share the open stage in ACT I.

April is Poetry Month, and we at the Flame encourage you to participate in A Poem a Day to feed your artistic soul.

NaNoWriMo presents Camp NaNoWriMo, a team player's event for writers who can't wait for November to face a challenge.

Now, on to some chatter.

My neighbor "adopted" a cat recently. Last weekend, my dog Broly spent two days sniffing at the storage closet on my apartment's small back porch. Because the door is always shut, I didn't think much of his curiosity. At the end of the second day, I opened the door to show him there was nothing there... except a cat. A pitch black, green eyed, severely emaciated cat. Figuring he was the rescue case from upstairs, I took him back up to my neighbor. When he answered the door, his literal quote was, "Oh, I hate that f-ckin' thing." I suppose that should have been a red flag. But, because he asked to have some kitty litter to put a box on his own porch for him, I tried not to judge. An hour later, Broly was once again extremely interested in the storage closet.

The cat has been in there ever since, and giving him food and water while also allowing the dogs to keep their backyard has been a task. He doesn't seem bothered by being in the closet (haha), and the weather isn't yet too warm to let him stay in there, so I haven't tried to eject him. The basic plan is to keep him hydrated, fed, and sheltered until I know what I want to do with him. I figure I'm gonna get him his shots, have him neutered, and just let him be my outside cat? Although, he seems to have turned a new leaf because he no longer eats like he's starving and he tried to follow me inside earlier tonight. Maybe there is hope for Porch Cat after all.

Is it an unavoidable practice for you to take in lost souls? How far does your hospitality extend before you draw a line? Are animals a particular weakness, or do you stick to your own species?

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