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The final March topic is The Devil I Have Not Met. #gowrite

It's rare that I pay much attention to TV news. I find most of the talking heads ridiculously annoying, especially the local ones. Why put myself through such annoyance, right? There was a time I could hide away from those grating voices and deliberately hyped nonevents... not anymore. My darling MIL lives with us now and she likes the TV at full volume. Some days I can tune it all out. Some days I cannot.

The week that the worlds of Facebook & Twitter went utterly nuts over that dress and the question of perception of color that turned into verbal insults being traded all over the internet, guess what? The whole thing was reported on the local news. Then, the national news. Then, a morning talk show.

I heard it all back here in my little corner as I was trying to concentrate on finishing up a submission. When the evening news came on, I gave up. I got a glass of iced tea, went to the living room, turned the volume up a few notches and watched as social media images and comments were regurgitated on a respected newscast. This was all discussed with enthusiasm; tweets and retweets were remarked upon by internationally renowned journalists.

The horrors didn't stop there. Apparently some cat video had gone viral and it was necessary to discuss the record amount of hits received and the possibility that this might be the cutest thing ever.

I turned the TV off and asked my darling MIL if she'd ever read Fahrenheit 451.

Honestly, that was the most frightening day of my life. Give it to me straight, y'all -- has this been going on for awhile? Why when I bring my concerns up in conversation do people look at me as if I am the crazy one?How long before firemen show up at my house?

Do you think Ray Bradbury was forecasting the future?

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