Hello, Flamefolk!

The prompt this week is "Live To Tell The Tale" and our host has indicated that she wants to hear the tales of what you have experienced that has steeled you -- what has made you into the person you are today.

I'd like something else. ;)

When I first read the prompt, I heard Professor McGonagall admonishing Harry and the gang in a girls' lavatory over the body of a fully grown mountain troll. Then my brain flipped around the emphasis a little and I found myself thinking, "What if we lived in a manner befitting the main character in a book?"

Most of us go through our lives doing mundane things like school, work, and caring for our families. We live most days like they are lists of chores and appointments. Consider with me, today, what it would take to step out of that routine and be larger than life for a bit? Maybe larger than life isn't for you. Would you try 'kinder than most' or 'funny as hell'?

If your life were being aired as a reality show - the good kind, not that slice of the worst of humanity bs - what kind of wonderful things could you do to make your followers love you more?

Also, just for fun, what would be your best possible meal assignment on Cutthroat Kitchen?

#gowrite for the week three prompt mentioned above - deadline is Sunday.

Cedar has asked me to remind you guys that there is a NaNo event coming next month - Camp NaNoWriMo. Unfortunately, this link doesn't have much info on what it is. I watched a couple of youtube videos and it seems like a more loosely structured NaNo event running through the month of April. There are cabins, but I think they are virtual, so you don't have to worry bout someone putting your hand in a warm bowl of water while you are sleeping.

Congrats to bluegerl whose story earned the most votes for week two. There are no writers eliminated going into week three.

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