Good Morning Flamelings!

Let’s talk about how you interject drama into your stories.

I live a low key kind of life and keeping to myself.  If I had decided to try something new and adventurous, it would be along the lines of going to a new museum or exploring somewhere without my GPS on or a destination in mind.  Saying this, my brain insists on keeping the drama involved somehow.  A visit to my mother is a cause for weeks of planning, lists, far-fetched incidents that may occur and she only lives two hours away.  A phone call regarding something simple as a utility switched into my name turns into battle plans, ready to defend my right to what I want.

In my own writings, I tend to go towards fantasy so drama in a story involves magic spells going awry or angry dragons, vampires or the newest werewolf threatens to destroy everyone’s happiness.  I wonder since my creative mind turns my mundane day to day tasks into something larger, what would it do if I turned it loose on to fiction that isn’t so fantastical?

Where does your fiction take you typically?  Is drama created by over the top events like fantasy or some hero action packed film?  Or is your drama created more around everyday events like a lost toothbrush?


Voting deadline for Curiouser & Curiouser is Thursday, February 12th 11:45pm EST (tonight).  Show some love to the Flamelings that got inspired.

Submission deadline for the mini contest for week 2 PBJ is Sunday, February 15th 11:45pm EST.

Workshops are still ongoing; click the link to find both the dialogue and drabble ones!


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