Utopia: Search For Meaning

When founders become elders
they let their children take the reins.

Those that honor the traditions,
raise children in their
long shadows who want to know why.

Why is their watchword - their mantra.

The elders tell them of the past.
The leaders tell them what may come.

No one tells them why.

Or they all have
- in their own way.

There are always those who need to discover why for themselves.

Let's send them on a vision quest or spelunking in a forgotten library. Maybe they will discover a locked cabinet in the basement of City Hall and recall where they saw an old key. Maybe the elders splintered while they were still visionaries and there's a hermit in the woods bursting with answers and a craving for blueberries.

Go forth and search for meaning.

We'll be here when you get back. Locked and loaded for a rebellion, or tipsy from our pre-celebration celebration.

This contest ends Sunday, February 1st at 11:45 pm EST. ***SUBMIT HERE***


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