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Is this of use? Anyone here? Allo? Has Live Journal's ToS finally spelled a demise? Especially the part where not all of the ToS is even posted in English?
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Hi! Long time - no hear! I still have an LJ account but I actually cannot access it because I have not sined up to the new T&Cs and I am p'd off by the way all that has been done so probably won't.

I have to say I never was the most active BF member even before the community went on hiatus.
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From: [personal profile] pyraxis

I haven't been active in this comm on either platform for a long time, but I haven't left.
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From: [personal profile] ofmonstrouswords

I actually don't know if I was ever active in this comm (been on DW since '09 but it's taken me a long time to actually start using it on a regular basis and my memory is awful) but I'd love to see a revival.
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I shut my Livejournal account. I moved everything here. I thought BF was done though.

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