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"About last night..." : The Day After a Good Book

 Have you ever read a book that left you with a need for a little hair of the dog? Join today's discussion of the emotional toll of a good book.
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The Chicken or the Words

 Did you miss Monday? Click here to join the discussion of poetry vs. lyrics.
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"But have you read the book?": When Mediums Collide

Have you ever been ostracized for watching the movie before reading the book? Wax annoyed with us over on Word Press! 
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Whose Line is it Anyway?: A Quickie

 Who tells your story, and how do you make that decision? Join the discussion here
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September 2015 | Topic Post!

 Rub the long, dark sleep from your eyes and come check out the month-long prompt for September: Waking Up in Space!
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September Contest Sign Ups!

To sign up for the September contest, a month long foray into the void, simply leave a comment or venture to the Word Press launch to submit your intent!

Submission closes 8/29 at 2359EDT.
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Be Gentle, Part One: Beta Readers & Anxiety Attacks

 The first leap is always the farthest. Join us on Word Press to discuss showing off your work for the first time.
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August 2015, Week Three | Topic Post: "Can you elaborate?" Part III

This week's prompt set is inspired by Game of Thrones. Click here to read the topic in full, and to submit your entry!