Welcome to Week One of the August contest for 2015!

To view full details, click here to redirect to Word Press! This month we'll be turning vague previews into the big picture. 

Come play!
Good morning, Flames!
Our July contest is almost over. The only thing left to do is read our week four entries for "The beginnings of all things are small."

I hope you had fun writing with us this month. We truly enjoyed having you. Hopefully, you are already cooking up plots for RicoChey's first August challenge. (There was no sign-up so you can jump WRITE in.)

Be sure you invite your friends to read with us and write with us. The more contestants that turn out, the more opportunities for challenge we will have.

Remember to share feedback with your fellow writers. Being voted for is nice, but most of us also want to know how our writing appealed to another - be it our wordplay, our imagination, or choice in character. Talk to each other - share some #commentlove - this is a community to promote growth in creativity and craft.

Your reading list awaits.

Title: it starts small in all directions
Author: alethessa
Word Count: 109 or 211
Warnings: domestic violence implied in one direction of reading

Title: Lunch
Author: ayumidah
Word Count: 400
Warnings: none

Title: Prophesied
Author: Bibi Nafeeza Yusuf
Word Count: 400
Warnings: none

Title: From small beginnings
Author: bluegerl
Word Count: 317
Warnings: no warnings

Title: Germ
Author: Kathy Boles-Turner
Word Count: 336
Warnings: Experimental; Creative Nonfiction; A Judgment On Humankind

Title: The Text
Author: Kristina Van Hoose
Word Count: 399
Warnings: None

Title: The Camel
Author: Shane Bell
Word Count: 400
Warnings: Severe Language

Title: No. My Birthday.
Author: skyllairae
Word Count: 341
Warnings: emotional trigger: abuse


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