Good morning, writers and readers of the Flame!
Last week's reading submissions were excellent. Thank you to all the writers who submitted and to everyone who joined in to read and give the writers feedback. Voter turnout was amazing! It resulted in a tie between Kristina Van Hoose and Shane Bell. Shane won the dance-off vote-off, but now we know there are those with the power to defeat him. Keep an eye on your six, Shane.

We have a new writer joining us this week. Everyone say hi to Bibi! And in case we missed it last week (because I was half asleep) let's extend a welcome to Sonya, Kristina Van Hoose, and Heather who wrote with us the first time on "Knothole". So glad to have you join us :)

Let's get down to it, shall we? The writing topic for the following entries was "Doll's Eyes" and our writers were limited to a max word count of 200. Everyone had the opportunity to submit two entries and there was no (timely) sign-up post so submissions were open to any and all.

Once you've read through the submissions, be sure to share some #commentlove. Just keep your feedback kind and constructive. If you have trouble commenting on anyone's post, you are welcome to leave your comment here and we will pass it on.
Vote for as many entries as you like, but keep in mind we can have only one winner.

Your reading list awaits:

Title: Stare
Author: ayumidah
Word Count: 200
Warnings: none

Title: A Lonely Pain
Author: Bibi Nafeeza Yusuf
Word Count: 194
Warnings: none

Title: Babies
Author: bluegerl
Word Count: 183
Warnings: hurt/pain'/madness

Title: Life?
Author: bluegerl
Word Count: 197
Warnings: none

Title: Doll's Eyes
Author: Heather
Word Count: 201
Warnings: Hints at child abuse

Title: The Eyes
Author: Kathy Boles-Turner
Word Count: 198
Warnings: creative nonfiction

Title: Doll's Eyes
Author: Kristina Van Hoose
Word Count: 192
Warnings: Not sure if it needs saying, but it discusses kidnapping

Title: Celestial Lullaby
Author: quil_quirks
Word Count: 17
Warnings: none

Title: The Doll's Eyes
Author: Shane Bell
Word Count: 200
Warnings: suggestive themes

Title: Doll's Lament
Author: skyllairae
Word Count: 133
Warnings: feelings of loss and abandonment

Title: Good Girl Days
Author: Sonya Oldwin
Word Count: 100
Warnings: mature

Title: Too Close To Home
Author: Sonya Oldwin
Word Count: 100
Warnings: implied mutilation

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