Since our word count is growing, I bring to the prompt this week things that start out small but can have a huge impact.


As a writer, a glitch is a great device for change or chaos. It is neutral, yet mischievous. It causes aggravation, panic, economic disasters, or just a bit of distortion that laymen try to slap back into line with a firm hand.

Root out your glitch. Tell us what happened and submit it by 11:45 pm EDT on Saturday, July 25. The week three contest is limited to the list of Embers below. There is a max word count of 350 and only one submission will be accepted per writer. Poetry and other forms of written expression welcome. There are no JFF entries this month.

For those of you who are writing with us for the first time. Your entry should be posted to an online blog or journal with public reading access for the duration of the voting process (anywhere from three days to a week). Work you submit to the contest always belongs to you. It should be original work and first written for the prompt provided.

This week's contestants:
Shane Bell
Kristina Van Hoose
Kathy Boles-Turner

Submit Here

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