The whole month of July we will be exploring small things to accommodate our tiny word count caps.
For week one your prompt is:


Knotholes form due to the removal or decay of a branch during the life of a tree. Process a felled tree into boards and the knothole remains - a testament to what once was. In a wall or fence, a knothole becomes a place of note to curious passersby. They can peek into a space otherwise off-limits. The knothole offers an eyeful of the forbidden, the forgotten, the secret lives of strangers -- for some it is the glimpse of another life to seed their dreams.

In 150 words or less, tell us what you see and submit it by 11:45 pm EDT on Saturday, July 11. Have fun with it!

This week’s winner will receive an eBook on the writing advice of their choosing ($5.00 limit) via Amazon.

Below are the writers who signed up for this week's contest and are eligible to submit entries:
Shane Bell (full month)
Cristina Van Estes
Kathy Boles-Turner

Each of those signed up may submit a maximum of three contest entries as long as the submissions do not rely on each other to tell one story and are not continuations of one another. Poetry and other forms of written expression welcome. There are no JFF entries this month.

For those of you who are writing with us for the first time. Your entry should be posted to an online blog or journal with public reading access for the duration of the voting process (anywhere from three days to a week). Work you submit to the contest always belongs to you. It should be original work and first written for the prompt provided.
At the end of this post is an electronic submission form - please share a direct link to the post containing your entry and a few stats so we can label the piece in our reading list and voting poll.

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