We've all got those Real Life obligations that too often pull us away from our passion projects. I don't know about y'all, but I feel rather useless some days upon realizing just how many reading opportunities can be missed in a single day. More importantly, in my opinion, are the opportunities missed to encourage a fellow writer.

Sadly, it's impossible for each of us to reach out to someone who might need our encouragement the most at a specific hour, on a specific day. Nonetheless, I would like to call upon every follower of the Flame, newcomer and veteran alike, to encourage a certain writer today -- yourself!

Regardless of what stage you've achieved in fiction, poetry, or nonfiction, regardless if your end goals have yet become clear, please know that all of your fellow writers get it. We understand the need to write, and we understand the persistence of that need even with all the world and all those Real Life obligations seem to conspire and shout all at once "You Can't Do This!". Just keep writing.

And, whether you have shared your writing here or not (yet), I would like to take this opportunity to encourage the consideration of submitting your work to at least one of the many online and/or print venues that are practically begging for new writers! Take a chance. Give yourself the chance to become accustomed to that rush of pleasure that comes with a nod of acknowledgment from people who appreciate all the obstacles before someone with a passion for putting words to the page!

There are probably thousands of published writers and photographers out in the world today who can say they got their first acceptance from Russell Streur's The Camel Saloon. Five of my earliest works are there, and I can't help but adore Russell and his passion for sharing art.

The Blue Hour Magazine accepts up to three poems, or one short story via email submissions. Read their guidelines for full instructions on submitting essays as well. There is no reading fee, and no cash award; even so, there are readers waiting, and you can follow The Blue Hour on WordPress!

Rattle not only publishes and pays for poetry and essay, the magazine also provides a daily email to those readers who wish to follow newly accepted works. My Poetry for the 21st Century email from Rattle is usually the first thing I read every morning.

These are just a few of the venues readily accessible ON THE INTERNET that has open submissions almost all year round. Check them out!

Personally, I've got my eye on Rattle. I'm very interested in submitting there, particularly now that I have received notification that my collection of poetry and creative nonfiction did not win the contest I submitted it to in February. Yes, I got a rejection letter this morning -- it was quite lovely and came with notes from the judges. I will be receiving a certificate for reaching the quarter finals, though! Somehow, I don't feel rejected at all.

Today, consider the floor open to discussion about your latest writing goals and what fears (or celebratory announcements) you might have concerning submitting to public venues. Let's talk about writing! Meanwhile, if you have any suggestions for open submissions for us to peruse, please feel free to leave a link in comments.

Congratulations to you all for continuing to write, and, for taking a chance on yourself (at least once) to submit your work. Send it out into the world and let others read! #gowrite, y'all.


Be sure to show some love to our participants in the Week Three contest! Read. Comment. Vote. LOVE.

Even though you haven't submitted an entry all month long, our Just For Fun contest is open to you! Check out RicoChey's last prompt for April, and consider your options for Epilogue.

National Poetry Month is almost over. Don't fret! You can still share your poetry prowess with us by posting to our very own A Poem A Day feature.
Fellow Flamearians and those of writerly ilk!

May is coming upon us like a wildfire. It is time to commit to a worthy project.
For example, you could sign up to write with us in May. You know you want to -- make it happen.

In the wake of our Shakespeare-inspired April contest, we have decided to take things one step further in May and make the month-long contest a month long.
Confused? Excellent. We're about to shake things up.

Beginning May 3rd you will be given a theme and as much inspiration as we can squeeze into one of these little boxes. Your due date for submitting your story or poetry collection will be 5/26 by 04:00 (4am) EDT. The cap will be 5,000 words, and we are accepting only original, new work written for this project. No dusting off the slush pile or pulling out those lit mag winners. Challenge yourself to write big! Show us your chops! The reading list and poll will go up on the morning of 5/26 and you will have until 5/30 to vote. Winners will be announced on 5/31.

We will be hosting activities throughout the month to help keep you on your goal. We will offer word sprint challenges; an internet write-in that harkens back to our flamestorming days; and periodic queries into your work-in-progress to keep you writing all month instead of a 12 hour crunch in the wee hours of the 25th. (We are all writers here, we know about that procrastination factor.)

Two more things you should know -

You MUST sign up in the comments below in order to submit your completed work on 5/26. Sign up deadline is Saturday, May 2nd by midnight EDT.

No JFF (Just For Fun) entries are allowed. Only one submission per writer.

Wait, no! There is one more thing that I almost forgot.
If you sign up now...the winner will not just be mentioned in our Hall of Flame, but will be given the option of having their winning submission published on our new Highlights Page. (We'll work on the name, I suspect it will be fiery).

Keep an eye on us. The theme goes up on Sunday, May 3rd. I will give you a hint to the theme, but remember it is only a hint meant to whet the appetite.

"My voice for the voiceless."

***For those of you who are new to the Flame, all work submitted belongs to the author alone. At Brigit's Flame, submissions to be voted on by the community are links back to the author's own journal or blog, they are not published on our site except in special circumstances of which you will be made aware and to which you may say no.

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