Hiya, Flames,

I challenge you today to go out and find some interesting poetry and share it with us all.
Recite to us something we may never have heard.

So many people talk of poetry as though it is this foreign or alien thing that they could never fathom, but poetry is all around us. You can find it in:
A rapper's dis
A singer's bliss
A commercial for a Hershey's Kiss

Bad rhymes aside - poetry does not have to come from the long silent pen of a lord. Nor from an overly flowery mind obsessed with birds. Poetry can be fun.

Consider the modern world around you and identify some poetry today. Then come back here and share it with us.

This chatter brought to you by National Poetry Month and APAD pushers extraordinaire.


Don't forget to work on your art for this week's mini contest.

Participate in APAD - your soul will thank you.

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