The Devil I Have Not Met

Thriller fiction is a genre of endless possibilities. Wrought with suspense, danger, and mystery, there is still plenty of room for politics and history, magic, religion, science, romance, erotica, great quests of superheroes and anti-heroes. A single thriller can explore every one of these interests and still offer up a dose of good old fashioned bone chilling horror.

The setting can add depth and intensity, be it in the midst of war or peacetime, in your childhood neighborhood, or, in a galaxy far, far away. A good thriller can exist anywhere.

The key element, of course, is suspense. The writer must bring readers to the edge of their proverbial seats, breathless, dreading what's around the next corner and absolutely dying to know what's around the corner!

Thrill me in whatever world you choose. #gowrite

Entries are due by 11:45 EST, Sunday, March 29th.
Please submit your entries HERE.


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