Top o' the mornin', my darling Flamelings! Stories of What Worlds May Come await your reading, commenting, and voting. The poll closes tomorrow.

Meanwhile, #youshouldbewriting for Week Three! Competitive and Just For Fun entries for Live To Tell The Tale are due the 22nd.

We all know -- regardless of what the rules might state -- that creativity cannot be confined to tidy little categories. My dark little heart goes all aflutter when genre lines get crossed up. I love fictional stories told with the intimacy of memoir, the outlandish elements of Science Fiction presented matter-of-factly, and when poetry is stripped of metaphor and symbolism to reveal the blood and guts of living narrative.

When I was composing the topic post for Week Three, I referenced The Things They Carried because, in my opinion, Tim O'Brien tells one of the most compelling stories ever told. He does this by blending personal and political history, the elements of both fiction and memoir; he dares to flinch when a narrator is expected to hold steady moments after rudely staring down monsters meant to be unseen.

When I was composing the topic post for Week Three, I wanted to ask that each of you examine past traumas, internal conflicts that have directly impacted your actions, or relationships that took you to the brink of ... spiritual epiphany, years of devotional misanthropy, or your hard won definition of self-worth.

You lived to tell the tale, how will you tell it? Would you like to brainstorm with us today? Or, would you rather discuss your favorite authors that challenge the confines of category? 


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