Good morning, Flamefolk and other writerly followers. Happy Thors Day!

I’m wondering today how far you’ve gotten in your planning or writing for the topic of “What Worlds May Come”? What kind of world has come to you?

Whenever I see a new prompt, I find multiple and varied possibilities pinging my brain. This one, in particular, sounds to me like a vow an Astronaut might utter. “I will go through this life with you - what worlds may come.”

Then there’s the part of my memory that’s been tickled lately to log my personal non-fiction moments. What worlds does that bring me to? The ones in the books I’ve read, but also (and more so) the comic books. What is it about comics that each series feels so otherworldly? I’m not even talking about the obvious ones like The Sandman, which is a glimpse of many worlds and eras through the eyes of a god. Consider Gotham. It is designed as a city - just a metropolitan place in the world like New York City, London, Hong Kong - but through the addition of madmen and nearly impossible technology it feels like it could never exist on this planet.

The world of mutants in the X-men series has familiar governments, political undertones, even weaves its characters into the history of our world by showing them as soldiers in known wars and victims of some of our worst atrocities. Yet when I’m in those shiny pages I don’t feel like I’m on this Earth. It’s more of an alternate universe with a similar track that deviated before I was born.

These are just two examples of worlds the creators made that were distinctly Earth-like, but there are more that described to us actual other worlds - like the territories of The Green Lantern and the Guardians of the Galaxy.

Do you think this excess of uncanny or transcendental situations and settings is due more to the target audience or the addition of pictures where words would be?

Whatever the cause, there is a freedom in science fiction and fantasy to imagine anything, and it seems to me the freedom is even greater with comics - despite there being far fewer pages.

Talk to me about comics today. Do you love or hate them? What are some of your favorites and why? Are there any you have always wanted to read, but never dove into? How do you think comics or graphic novels compare to pulp fiction? Have you ever tried or wanted to create a comic of your own?


Reminders again, but just two.

A quick congratulations to missflyer who came out ahead on votes for the week one topic "Local Color". There were no eliminations, so all are contestants are free to #gowrite for us about "What Worlds May Come"

Add a line to our growing tale from Monday's game.


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