Good morning. Before we begin, let me remind me that the Week Two topic has launched. What Worlds May Come to you in Week Two?

In similar news, the entrants from Week One humbly request your readership and evaluations. What do you make of their Local Color?

On to the mulligan chapter of this Chatter. Last week, I threw you an opening line and asked you to expand upon it. I think last Monday was particularly gloomy one indeed, so let's have a do-over!

Rules of Engagement: You may comment only one sentence at a time. Be sure to check "notify me of responses" so that you can keep up! The only other rule is, you must allow at least two other people to take a turn before you jump in for another. Ready? Go!

"Something fell heavily from above and struck me upon the crown of my head."
Good morning, Flames!

We have started a new month's contest, hosted by our own darlinleo. For week one she has asked us to write about our own "Local Color". I'm eager to read your submissions on this one. I had a devil of time getting started on mine and then ran out of time once I finally got going. I'm glad to see that the rest of you had no such trouble.

Be sure to give a warm welcome to our new writer Flammarionn. We are glad to have you writing with us!

Here's the reading list:

Title: Life Author
Author: [personal profile] ayumidah
Word Count: 237
Warnings: none

Title: The Death of Marilyn Monroe
Author: Bardiphouka
Word Count: 208
Warnings: none

Title: Hometown
Author: Bluegerl
Word Count: 340
Warnings: none

Title: Rail by rail, till it is lost in fleeces
Author: Flammarionn
Word Count: 562
Warnings: none

Title: The Colors of the Season
Author: cedarwolfsinger
Word Count: 571
Warnings: none

Title: Reclining on the balcony
Author: missflyer
Word Count: 145
Warnings: none

Get your reading done early and cast your votes by 11:45pm on Wednesday. This will be the new fixed day for voting deadlines on regular contests. It will help us determine who moves into the next round early enough in the week for the contestants to act. For the March week one prompt we will not need to vote to eliminate, just appreciate. For that reason, you have three votes to cast.

Don't forget to drop a note to your fellow writers to let them know they are appreciated. If it's an off-site blog and you have trouble with commenting, feel free to share your comments here and we'll pass them along. In fact, I encourage you to share some public thoughts below with the community. Let's talk about what we read, together.

We love it when our Embers write, but we also need the community to come together and read what's being submitted. Even if you didn't have time to write this week, please take a few minutes to read and encourage your friends to read as well. Share our fire!


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