Happy Monday, Flames. The final topic of February is up, and it’ll get your heart going. Need help finding the words? Try a workshop.

In keeping with the theme of short fiction, let’s have some short non-fiction: I have this friend, and though I’ve known her since we were in grade school, we stopped talking for several years right toward the end of high school. We split, led two completely different lives, and somehow crashed back into each other last year. Now, barely a year after reuniting, her husband (also an old friend) has moved to Washington to start a new life for them and she plans to follow him some time in the next year.

I know exactly how difficult it’s going to be for her, missing her husband and eventually having to start a whole new life. I’m pretty much an expert on missing your significant other, and I’ve hauled off and started over twice so far. What’s new for me this time is being the one watching someone else move on and go away. Typically, it’s me doing the leaving. Now I’m not so sure I wasn’t too harsh when I told my friends, “You’ll be fine. I’m just moving, not dying.”

Of course I plan to be supportive, but I’m prepared to take it as a personal affront. I’M supposed to be the one who leaves and gets missed, not the other way around. How am I supposed to process this? Guess I’ll just have to, I dunno, grow or something.

Have you ever had the tables turned on you, quite unexpectedly? How did you deal? Do you think you could have been more graceful?

Well hey there, Pilgrims -

Join me by the fire. We'll sit a spell and spin a yarn or two. I brought marshmallows.

This list is made up of submissions written for the drabble prompt -

Heart-shaped Paper

Title: First Sight
Author: [personal profile] ayumidah
Word Count: 100
Warnings: none

Title: 4 things about love
Author: skyllairae
Word Count: 100
Warnings: 1 swear word

Title: Paper
Author: missflyer
Word Count: 99
Warnings: none

Title: Just
Author: RicoChey
Word Count: 100
Warnings: PG, brief violence

Title: Untitled
Author: cedarwolfsinger
Word Count: 69
Warnings: none

The voting will not be open all week, so get your reading done early and cast your votes by 11:45pm on Thursday. There will be only one winning drabble, but we'll give you three votes to weigh in with the other readers.

Don't forget to drop a note to your fellow writers to let them know they are appreciated. If it's an off-site blog and you have trouble with commenting, feel free to share your comments here and we'll pass them along. In fact, I encourage you to share some public thoughts below with the community. Let's talk about what we read, together.

We love it when our Embers write, but we also need the community to come together and read what's being submitted. Even if you didn't have time to write this week, please take a few minutes to read and encourage your friends to read as well. Share our fire!



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