'Tis Wednesday, Flames. Aside from being my day to chatter, it is that mid-week slump (or peak) for some that must be endured to get closer to the weekend.

I have a few writerly things I'd like to discuss with you, but I feel more whimsical than writerly today. (Or maybe just extra tired.) So let's play a little game.

In the car last night, Boyfriend and I were talking about songs on the radio and their names. He happened to have the radio tuned in to a country station, so there were some fun opportunities. During the mockfest, Boyfriend tells me there is a song called "Sunshine and Whiskey" where the singer is comparing a woman's kisses to these two things that, to him, are the best things in the world. Boyfriend comments that sunshine's okay, but whiskey is gross. I'm not a huge fan of either, so if we were being super literal that hottie on the beach (in the song) would be fairly lukewarm.

Similies like this are accepted for the songwriter's sake as being in the good, or pro column in context - regardless of who is listening. But what if you are a vegan and the singer is waxing poetic about a juicy steak? Or the cowboy days of wrangling steer? Or you're afraid of dogs and the singer is bemoaning the loss of his faithful hound?

This is your chance to write a little diddy where the comparisons are not broadly appealing, but specific to your tastes and sensibilities.

Start with one of these lines and fill in your favorites.

"Every time you kiss me it's like... ... ..."

"I'm dreaming of ... ... ..., but I would trade them all for one more night with you"

".... ....
These are a few of my favorite things."

Have fun with it. Do more than one if you like. Heck, write us a whole song.


A few reminders -

Week one of our February Tiny Tales [Curiouser & Curioser] was won by RicoChey. Balloonhat came in a close second with one measly vote less. Both submissions were excellent, but there can be only one.
The second of our drabble mini-contests [PBJ] is in the voting phase, make sure you read, comment, and vote before tomorrow night. Every vote counts.
Drabble 3 of 4 is open for submissions by all. The topic is "Heart-shaped Paper" and was inspired by our own resident poet, Kathy. #gowrite
Finally, join in the Dialog Workshop we have four exercises for you to explore.

Have a great week!


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