Good morning, Flames,
We are down to week four's submissions on the Utopia project.
We ended the voting last week with Missflyer and Skyllairae tied. This week is for all the marbles and there are no JFF entries, so we will limit your vote to one. I have to say, our writers really had me sweating it yesterday. When I went to be we had zero submissions for week four. I was so happy to see your emails in my inbox this morning, you have no idea. I'm excited to read what was submitted so let's get to it.

This list is made up of submissions written for the prompt - Utopia: Search for Meaning.

Title: Just Be
Author: alethessa
Word Count: 1,135
Warnings: none really (discussion of massive death-causing natural disaster)

Title: Life
Author: [personal profile] ayumidah
Word Count: 941
Warnings: none

Title: Happy New Year part 4
Author: skyllairae
Word Count: 1,012
Warnings: none

Title: Fork and Spoon
Author: missflyer
Word Count: 1,860
Warnings: none

The voting will not be open all week, so get your reading done early and cast your votes by 11:45pm on Thursday. We can only have one winner this week, make your vote count.
Don't forget to drop a note to your fellow writers to let them know they are appreciated. If it's an offsite blog and you have trouble with commenting, feel free to share your comments here and we'll pass them along. In fact, I encourage you to share some public thoughts below with the community. Let's talk about what we read, together.

We love it when our Embers write, but we also need the community to come together and read what's being submitted. Even if you didn't have time to write this week, please take a few minutes to read and encourage your friends to read as well. Share our fire!


I did something fairly grown-up recently.

I’ve been seeing my boyfriend for two years now. We have a lot in common, we get along well, and we respect each other. Yeah, I’m a little crazy. Yeah, he’s a little too thick-skinned. We bicker. We have weeks that we don’t text for a few days while we blow off steam. But, Saturday rolls along and we’re just us again. Warm, close, and understood. It’s nice.

Two weeks ago, I brought up my future and what it holds for me. I’ll be living alone by the other side of Fall, for the first time in my life. I’ve been looking forward to facing that particular challenge. Not everyone gets that chance. So, naturally, it took me some time to come to the decision that the following proposal was not the wrong idea. I invited my boyfriend to consider the idea of living together when I move again.

It’s just as casual as I’m making it sound. One adult to another, I made a pitch. We love each other, we enjoy each other, and we have agreed on numerous occasions that the majority of our issues would be resolved by the freedom to see more of one another, and the unique liberty to choose when we spend time apart. And, also, ya know, split bills! We love each other, but we also rather love our money. It’s kind of a win-win in a lot of ways. I’ve almost forgotten to consider the inherent risks of taking that next step. I haven’t really discussed it with anyone. It doesn’t feel like a huge deal. We’re just in the “it’s out there, we’ll discuss it” stage, and really, we’re both so busy we haven’t thought about it like we promised we would. I’m really comfortable with how much of a big deal it isn’t right now. I think… maybe that’s why I haven’t shared it with anyone.


Everyone processes differently. When you find yourself in the midst of a traditionally life-altering decision, how do you go through its motions? Passively? Reactively? Dismissively? Stories welcome.

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